Friday, April 3, 2009

Scott Tady Knows What's Going On

Hi All. Just learned about the Beaver County Times entertainment columnist, Scott Tady. He has a great column which can be found at (Click on Entertainment, then Scott Tady.) Apparently, he has some love for those of us in northen Allegheny County. He just wrote this about Sewickley:

Ah, Sewickley — the home of sports stars, spas, boutiques and Bruegger’s. About all the borough lacks is a live music scene, though that’s starting to change thanks to the Sewickley Hotel. Stroll into the Sewickley Hotel any Wednesday night and you’ll hear Hewlett-Anderson, a duo featuring singer-guitarist Pete Hewlett, who has toured with Billy Joel, Carly Simon and Joe Jackson, and keyboardist Scott Anderson, the music director of WQED-TV’s “Live from Studio A.” On Friday nights, the Sewickley Hotel offers Carnegie Mellon voice professor Betsy Lawrence, though for a few weeks in April that gig goes to Hermie Granati and his dueling pianos. On Saturday nights, the Beaver Street venue presents acoustic guitarist Rick Revetta hosting an open-mic. That’s an open mic for people with talent, quickly adds Sewickley Hotel co-owner Keith Miller.“We don’t do karaoke,” he says.

I think we heard Hewlett-Anderson when we went to the Hotel a few weeks ago after the Lenten series. If any of you go again and check out the music there, let me know how it goes.

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  1. I didn't know Hermie Granati had a dueling piano gig in Sewickley.