Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anchor on Weds: British Rock

Allright, everybody. Anchor's exploration of rock and roll continues on Wednesday night for week 3 of our dinner-and-discussion series, “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction: Human Longing in Rock and Roll.” Like last week, we’ll listen to some great rock songs (with one performed live by our friend Mark Evans) and see how the artists gave voice to these longings. This week's focus: British Rockers Starting with "The": The Who, The Police, The Smiths (With a special focus on Morrissey, a pretty intense dude and a real spiritual seeker who was the lead singer for The Smiths).
Ultimately, we'll ask how the person and message of Jesus might offer a word of hope to people who can’t get no satisfaction. Details: Wednesday, Apr 29, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at St. Stephen's in Grace Commons. Dinner for $5. Presentation and discussion begins at 7:15. Free childcare in the nursery. Questions: contact Aaron Zimmerman at azimmerman@ststephenschurch.net.

And to get ready, check out this 1988 song, "Every Day is Like Sunday," from Morrissey. Gotta love the hair and fashion.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anchor at 6:30 Tonight: 1980s Hair Bands: GNR, Ratt, Poison

Who were Duff, Izzy, Slash, and Axl?

a) Rejects from the 7 dwarves
b) Recently discovered subatomic particles
c) Four of the five original members of Guns N' Roses
d) Jerry Seinfeld's pet iguanas

If you guessed (c), you're right! (If you guessed any other choices, you are not a good test-taker.)

Join us tonight at 6:30 pm at St. Stephen's as we discuss Guns N' Roses, along with Ratt and Poison. We're taking a look at 1980s "hair bands" as we continue our series "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Human Longing in Rock n Roll."

Dinner: $5.
Childcare: Free
Discussion: Priceless

See you there!

PS--And here are some pics to get you in the mood (Top: Ratt, Bottom: Poison):

Friday, April 17, 2009

Follow Up: Mick Meets Jesus

If you were at Anchor this past week when we talked about the Rolling Stones, you'll remember we talked about Mick Jagger's spiritual quest beginning with "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and moving to "Saint of Me." We ended with no resolution. Ultimately, it seemed, Jagger was unable to come to terms with Christianity. But my friend Dave Zahl turned me on to Jagger's 2001 song, "Joy." It's about as clear a depiction of conversion as I've ever seen. It's an amazing song.

You can listen here:

PS--Listen for Bono on backing vocals. Also, the Who's Pete Townsend is on guitar.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anchor Rocks Tonight at 6:30!

Our newest dinner-and-discussion series starts tonight. "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Human Longing in Rock n Roll" will begin with dinner at 6:30 and a presentation at 7:15. We'll end with Q&A and discussion, wrapping up by 8:30.

Tonight we'll be listening to and talking about The Rolling Stones.

As always, dinner is $5, childcare and parking is free.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the Radio at 4:15pm Today

I'll be on the radio today (in Pittsburgh, 101.5 FM; on the Internet at http://www.wordfm.com/). I'll be on the John Hall show discussing Anchor's new dinner-and-discussion series, "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Human Longing in Rock and Roll."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anchor's new series is featured in today's Beaver County Times! Check it out at here and scroll down to "Rock in Religion." In the print edition, you can find it on the front page of entertainment section.
Here's a quote:
“Each week we’ll listen to some great rock songs — some well-known, some more obscure,” said Rev. Aaron Zimmerman, the associate pastor.

The group then will discuss how the writers of those songs expressed their deepest yearnings.

“We’ll explore how the person and message of Jesus might offer a word of hope to people who can’t get no satisfaction,” Zimmerman said, lifting a line from the Rolling Stones which are the featured band for the first session.

On April 22, the discussion turns to ’80s hair bands like Ratt, Poison and Guns ’n’ Roses. On April 29, the group will chat about the Who, the Police and the Smiths, while on May 6 the topic is U2.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Scott Tady Knows What's Going On

Hi All. Just learned about the Beaver County Times entertainment columnist, Scott Tady. He has a great column which can be found at http://www.timesonline.com/. (Click on Entertainment, then Scott Tady.) Apparently, he has some love for those of us in northen Allegheny County. He just wrote this about Sewickley:

Ah, Sewickley — the home of sports stars, spas, boutiques and Bruegger’s. About all the borough lacks is a live music scene, though that’s starting to change thanks to the Sewickley Hotel. Stroll into the Sewickley Hotel any Wednesday night and you’ll hear Hewlett-Anderson, a duo featuring singer-guitarist Pete Hewlett, who has toured with Billy Joel, Carly Simon and Joe Jackson, and keyboardist Scott Anderson, the music director of WQED-TV’s “Live from Studio A.” On Friday nights, the Sewickley Hotel offers Carnegie Mellon voice professor Betsy Lawrence, though for a few weeks in April that gig goes to Hermie Granati and his dueling pianos. On Saturday nights, the Beaver Street venue presents acoustic guitarist Rick Revetta hosting an open-mic. That’s an open mic for people with talent, quickly adds Sewickley Hotel co-owner Keith Miller.“We don’t do karaoke,” he says.

I think we heard Hewlett-Anderson when we went to the Hotel a few weeks ago after the Lenten series. If any of you go again and check out the music there, let me know how it goes.