Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anchor at 6:30 Tonight: 1980s Hair Bands: GNR, Ratt, Poison

Who were Duff, Izzy, Slash, and Axl?

a) Rejects from the 7 dwarves
b) Recently discovered subatomic particles
c) Four of the five original members of Guns N' Roses
d) Jerry Seinfeld's pet iguanas

If you guessed (c), you're right! (If you guessed any other choices, you are not a good test-taker.)

Join us tonight at 6:30 pm at St. Stephen's as we discuss Guns N' Roses, along with Ratt and Poison. We're taking a look at 1980s "hair bands" as we continue our series "(Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Human Longing in Rock n Roll."

Dinner: $5.
Childcare: Free
Discussion: Priceless

See you there!

PS--And here are some pics to get you in the mood (Top: Ratt, Bottom: Poison):

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