Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anchor's new series is featured in today's Beaver County Times! Check it out at here and scroll down to "Rock in Religion." In the print edition, you can find it on the front page of entertainment section.
Here's a quote:
“Each week we’ll listen to some great rock songs — some well-known, some more obscure,” said Rev. Aaron Zimmerman, the associate pastor.

The group then will discuss how the writers of those songs expressed their deepest yearnings.

“We’ll explore how the person and message of Jesus might offer a word of hope to people who can’t get no satisfaction,” Zimmerman said, lifting a line from the Rolling Stones which are the featured band for the first session.

On April 22, the discussion turns to ’80s hair bands like Ratt, Poison and Guns ’n’ Roses. On April 29, the group will chat about the Who, the Police and the Smiths, while on May 6 the topic is U2.

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