Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch Russell Crowe Pwn Kevin Costner! Tonight at 6!

Remember that abysmal Robin Hood movie with Mr. Dances with Wolves? Well, Russell Crowe is bringing back Robin Hood's good name (and 86ing the mullet) in a great new Robin Hood flick. It looks considerably darker and more interesting than the last time this Medieval vigilante graced the screen. Plus, it was directed by Ridley Scott, of Aliens and Gladiator fame.

Join Anchor on Tues, June 26, as we take advantage of the super-cheap Tuesday night rate at the fantastic new Cinemark theater (map and directions here) at Robinson and see one of the summer's first blockbusters.

Here’s the plan:

6:00 Meet at the church, leave for Robinson

6:20ish Arrive at Chipotle! Eat delicious burritos.

7:30ish Leave Chipotle, go to Cinemark and get tickets for Robin Hood.

7:50 Movie starts! (Well, the trailers start, but you get the point. . .)

10:30 Movie ends, we part, going our separate ways.

It's a late night, but it's worth it. Because it’s Tuesday, it’s only $5.25 for the movie!!!
If you want to meet us at Chipotle:

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And here's the trailer:

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