Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anchor Summer Bible Camp

Remember Summer Camp? Bad food, bugs, and the unrequited love of your secret summer camp crush?

Well, we're not doing that.

But, we are having a fun, low-key, time to hang out and read the Bible and discuss it's meaning for our lives.

Poet John Berryman called Jesus the most interesting man who ever lived. Why? Find out at Anchor's five-week Bible study looking at some stories of Jesus' life. We'll be going through the Gospels (the biographies of Jesus in the New Testament) and taking a look at how Jesus interacted with a wide range of people, examining why he was such a powerful and magnetic figure. Our hope is that it would relate to your real life.

Our first meeting will be at 7:30 pm on Weds, June 24, at the Zimmerman house. Contact me for directions. Light refreshments will be provided, but you'll want to eat dinner before you come.

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