Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Gospel Goes Pop!

Jesus never made a cameo on Seinfeld, but he shows up in pop culture all the time.

Join Anchor for dinner and discussion this Weds night. We're beginning by asking the basic question: "What is the Gospel?" From there, we'll take some examples from pop culture to illustrate the main ideas.

Why are we doing this? Often when Christianity is shown in the public media, it's in a negative way. Think of Christian characters in movies (like the preacher played by John Lithgow in Footloose, or Angela in The Office). This makes me ask a big question: Why has the Christian message failed to connect? Maybe we're saying the right thing in the wrong way. Or maybe the church is saying the wrong thing, period!

Can we try to say the right thing in a way that is meaningful? That's the hope of this discussion. Because even though Christians get a bad wrap in music, TV, and movies, Christian ideas show up in media all the time--concepts like the self-interested tendencies of all people, the inability to change our bad habits, and the power of love to transform people (Huey Lewis, anyone?).

So join Anchor on Weds night for "The Gospel Goes Pop!" Come for a fun, refreshing look at faith through a cultural lens.

Dinner at 6:30, talk at 7:10. Free childcare in the nursery. Dinner $5. Bring your friends.

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